Welcome to Aerospace

We are thyssenkrupp Aerospace, a thyssenkrupp Materials Services company and partner for the world’s leading aerospace companies and their supply chains. We reduce the complexity of our customers’ supply chain management by:

Understanding our clients – this is the basis of our success

Warehousing – the stock of aerospace materials we keep for our clients is the largest available in the industry

Processing – we deliver material that fits in perfectly with our clients’ manufacturing and can be processed immediately

Worldwide – our global presence with more than 40 service centers in 20 countries is a key advantage in cooperating with us

Just-in-time – focusing on our customers’ material and information flow, we optimize supply delivery to the point of use

With our wide market know-how, as well, as our detailed knowledge of our customers’ individual business needs we offer more than aerospace materials. We provide tailor made solutions.

It’s not only what we do. It’s how we do it that makes us special.

Website: http://www.thyssenkruppaerospace.com