Aerospace & Defence (A&D) is a potentially attractive segment for growth. We plan to leverage our core competences in precision engineering and manufacturing to offer multiple product lines for this segment. Our entry will be in precision manufactured hydraulic components like Actuators, Manifold / Valve blocks, Reservoirs and mechanical components …… and we will subsequently add another product line in Precision Machined Components.

A new facility for A&D has been set up in the Aerospace SEZ in Bangalore. We have entered into a Transfer of Technology (ToT) agreement with CESA (a subsidiary of EADS) whereby CESA will provide the technology for developing and manufacturing these components. As part of the Agreement, CESA will also transfer manufacturing workload for both existing and new programmes to Wipro. Wipro will have the liberty to address the requirements of other customers for similar products.

Wipro Edge

  • 37 + years of experience in hydraulics and actuators for the mobile and industrial segments.
  • Many of the processes for actuators for Aerospace and Mobile applications are the same – such as CNC machining, Honing, Grinding, Surface treatment (Hard Chrome plating, Cadmium plating, Anodizing,) and Heat treatment.